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Museum of Natural History: Mummies Exhibit

This weekend we went to the Museum of Natural History to see the Mummies exhibit! We met at our usual meeting spot, and since we had a smaller group this weekend, the members quickly were able to catchup more intimately instead of using an icebreaker game. We discussed our travel options for the day, and using Google Maps and Mooveit, the group collectively decided that taking the D from Herald Square uptown and transferring to the C would be the most efficient route. Lucky for us, the C train goes straight to the Museum, and we were able to walk right in with our pre-purchased tickets!

We were able to ask the attendant at the desk where the mummy exhibit was, and then one of our members guided us toward the elevators to the 4th floor. Once in the exhibit, there was a short intro film to provide a brief background on the exhibit, the group was very engaged while watching. We were then able to explore the artifacts and mummified fossils on display. The members interacted while viewing the displays exchanging what they thought about these ancient artifacts and how cool certain aspects of mummification were!

After the mummy exhibit we still had some time, so after some friendly conversation and compromise, we collectively decided to look around at the dinosaurs, and mammals, and watched a short film that briefly touched upon DNA and how certain animals and humans evolve. Lucky for us, one of the members had recently been to the museum and facilitated a bit of a tour for us on the other floors which had displays on diverse cultures and animals around the world.

As it approached lunch time, a couple of the members wanted to go to the café at the museum. We navigated our way to the café by working as a team and following the trail of fork and knife stickers on the floor leading us to our delicious destination! As always, we discussed budgeting, keeping in mind how much money they had and how they shouldn’t spend the remainder on food. We then spent some time eating in the café and socializing with one another. We talked about our favorite TV shows and movies, and which exhibit they enjoyed the most from the day.

Finally, we found our way back to the train and discussed how we would just reverse our trip in order to get back to B&B. Despite the marathon going on, both the members and I were pleasantly surprised to find we did not run into any delays, and it was smooth sailing to get back. Overall, we had a fun, explorative, and knowledgeable day!

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