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Pie By The Pound Pizza & Games

Teenz In The City's Girls Group had a great Members' Choice outing this past weekend. The group met downtown and shared all their awesome ideas that they had in mind for their Members' Choice outing. We were impressed by their creative ideas and willingness to try new activities. The group discussed that unfortunately some of their ideas weren't possible, due to the New York City marathon taking place that day and several street closures. The girls ultimately voted on going to Pie By The Pound in Union Square to play board games! The girls were encouraged to use Google and the Moovit app to determine the most efficient travel route to take to the destination. Our members decided on taking the 6 train downtown, however unfortunately upon arrival to the train station, we learned that there were no downtown trains running from the station. As a result, we decided to hail a taxi. While in the taxi, we reviewed the importance of how to determine what an appropriate tip would be for a taxi driver deciding on a 20% tip. Upon arrival to Pie by the Pound, our members decided to play each other in Apples to Apples Jr. and Jenga, while engaging each other in friendly reciprocal conversation. Our members enjoyed talking each other and continue to work on how to appropriately engage each other in conversation with the guidance of our group facilitators. The girls especially enjoyed the many different types of speciality pizza ranging from margarita, vegetable slices, to even pizza with bacon and egg on top! The girls each decided on a different type of pizza and decided to share a cookie in order to stay within their daily budgets. The girls all had a great time and are looking forward to a future trip to Pie By The Pound!

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