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Virtual Reality Experience

Teenz members were thrilled to try VR World for the first time last Sunday! Before departing, members purchased an early lunch at Bread & Butter with the support of group facilitators keeping in mind their personal budgets. Members decided that walking would be the easiest route to arrive to the destination on 34th Street. We used our google maps walking function to navigate our way there. During the experience the members wore either an Oculus, HTC Vive, or Samsung Gear headset. Each has a set of different experiences and teleports the user into an artificial world where the limitations were endless. Some experiences are completely hands-free and some require use of controls similar to electronic games. Members had the option to team up with others for racing games and various two-person games, which they had a blast doing. There were over 50 games to choose from with their access pass! At the end of the experience, members opted to add this to our spring schedule because they had so much fun!

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