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Teenz Night: Laser Tag

This past Teenz night, our members embarked on a journey to Bowlmor Lanes at Chelsea Piers for an awesome night of Laser Tag! Our members met at our usual meeting spot and discussed the various travel routes that they could take to Chelsea Piers. Our members decided to take the 6 train downtown to 23rd street and then take the crosstown bus (23rd street) to Chelsea Piers. Upon arrival, our members energetically engaged in two games laser tag which allowed them to stay within their personal budgets while saving money for dinner. We were impressed by their teamwork, energy and the strategic planning demonstrated by each member during the games. There was laughter, fun, and excitement around every corner of the laser tag experience. After laser tag, our members cooled down over a delicious dinner at Chelsea Piers and engaged each other in fun-filled reciprocal conversations about their favorite moments during their competition for laser victory, all while singing along to the popular music playing. After dinner, our members decided to take the same travel route back to our home base. All of our members voted that laser tag should definitely be on the schedule for next semester!

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