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Kids N Comedy Show

This past weekend, the Teenz In The City community had the opportunity to visit Gotham Comedy Club to see their awesome Kids ‘N Comedy show, a comedy show performed entirely by teenage comedians! Our members all met at our Gramercy meeting spot and determined the most efficient travel routes using our travel app, Moovit. The group decided to walk south to 23rd street and take the M23 Crosstown Select bus to 7th Avenue. While waiting for the bus, we reviewed with our group members how to purchase a select bus ticket using the metro-card machine and the importance of keeping their receipts for evidence that they had paid. When we arrived to Gotham Comedy Club, our group members had a chance to listen great jokes while socializing on this beautiful fall Sunday. Our members truly seemed to enjoy the show and loved watching other teenagers their age perform on stage. After the show, the members of the audience were given the opportunity to go on the stage and tell a joke. We were impressed by several of our group members bravery to get on stage and share a joke in front of such a large audience. We had a few other members who were very eager to get on stage, but were not yet ready tell a joke. We reminded them that that they should practice and will have the opportunity to prepare a joke during their next group visit to the comedy show. The Teenz community had a wonderful day of fun, friendship and comedy and we found out that we have several of our own comedians.

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