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SPIN Ping Pong

This past weekend, our members had a blast playing one another in ping pong at SPIN on 23rd Street! We opted to walk from our meeting location in Gramercy, as it wasn't too far away. Upon arrival, members were impressed with the luxurious set-up inside SPIN. There were many professional level ping-pong players to watch, and members got right to it playing both singles and doubles with one another. When members weren't playing, group facilitators facilitated conversation among members about their Thanksgivings and time with family. Following our friendly competition, we ventured over to Bravo Pizza nearby to have a well-deserved lunch. Members assessed their budgets and decided how many slices to order and if they wanted a drink. Group facilitators assisted members with paying for their orders and also led members in games upstairs to aid in getting to know newer members. We are looking forward to our annual Teenzgiving outing next Sunday to give back during the holiday season!

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