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Teenzgiving: Xavier Mission Soup Kitchen

This Sunday marked our annual Teenzgiving outing that we look forward to each year during the holiday season. Members are able to give back to those in need by helping out at the soup kitchen with serving food, interacting with the patrons and participating where they are needed that day. Members met at our usual meeting spot and traveled to Union Square by the downtown 6 train to arrive at the Xavier Mission Soup Kitchen. Upon arrival, members were informed that we would be helping with the actual food service portion of the day, which was quite exciting! We were given specific instructions to follow, and members eagerly participated in serving the patrons of the Xavier Mission. Group facilitators helped the members follow directions and interact with the patrons at the appropriate times. This outing helped members appreciate their families a bit more and reminded them how lucky they are to have food to eat each day. We look forward to continuing our Teenzgiving tradition each year and during our summer program.

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