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Holiday Market Festivities

This past weekend Teenz members had some holiday fun at the Union Square Holiday Market and Pie by the Pound Pizza. We met at our usual meeting spot and determined that we could take the downtown 6 train to arrive in Union Square. Members bundled up to keep warm while walking around perusing the shops and food stands. Some members purchased gifts for family and friends and others purchased delicious hot chocolate to keep warm while walking around.

After checking out the shops, members decided to head to Pie by the Pound to play some games, warm up and dine on some pizza. While at Pie by the Pound, members played games such as Taboo and Apples to Apples. Group leaders facilitated conversation among members about their upcoming break plans and where they will spend the holidays. We are looking forward to continuing our holiday fun next weekend at our holiday party at on Friday night and our scavenger hunt/gift exchange on Sunday!

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