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Dave & Buster's Games and More!

Today was a winner! On this chilly Sunday Funday Teenz In The City gathered at our usual meeting spot for some pre-outing socializing and travel training practice. The group used Google to determine

the location of Dave & Busters and we found that was one location in New York City in Times Square on 42nd Street. We also learned that there were locations in the surrounding areas; including New Jersey and Long Island. The group used the Moovit app and determined the best travel route was to take the S -shuttle from Grand Central to Times Square. We reviewed with the group that the S train takes passengers from 42nd Street Grand Central on the East side to 42nd Street on the West side (crosstown). Upon arrival to Times Square, the members’ got out of the subway and walked West on 42nd Street to reach Dave and Buster's.

We reviewed their individual budgets so everyone was aware of the idea of spending with in our means, with the plan to buy lunch after we had to remain conscious about our choices. Budgeting can be a very challenging task for our members, especially when video games are in the picture. Several of the members who have been to Dave and Buster's before had their power cards with them in their wallet, so they were able to check out their remaining balance on the card. Our members engaged in fun games such as skee ball, air hockey and race car games. Many of our members played games that allowed them to win tickets to trade in for prizes. Some of our members decided they wanted to save up their tickets for the future in order to accrue a larger amount, while others selected a smaller prize and traded in their tickets. Again, this allowed for a good conversation on budgeting, saving and money management.

The group then headed to lunch at Pax across the street. Over lunch, members engaged each other in friendly reciprocal conversation, as we got know some of the new members and caught up with old members. After lunch was finished, we traveled as a group and headed back to our meeting spot. All in all, it was a very enjoyable outing we hope to see all of your Teenz next weekend.

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