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Girl Talk, Creativity & Crafts

Our Girls group had a great outing this past weekend to The Craft Studio on The Upper East Side of Manhattan. The group met at our usual meeting spot and looked up the address using Google in order to get the directions. The girls then used the Moovit app to determine the most efficient route as the 6 train uptown to 96th Street and walking a few blocks south to reach our destination. While at The Craft Studio the girls each selected a different art project to create keeping their individual budgets in mind. While they diligently created their masterpieces, the girls engaged in friendly reciprocal conversation as they continued to get to know each other better. We were really impressed by each girls creativity and dedication to their project. Afterwards, the girls headed across the street for a delicious pizza lunch once again keeping in mind their individual budgets to determine what they were able to order. The girls had a blast and will absolutely be going back to The Craft Studio again soon. For those of you who have never been to The Craft Studio, we highly suggest that you check it out!

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