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Teenz Night: DJ Demo Class

This Friday for Teenz Night we went to a DJ class and then Bella Napoli for dinner. We met at our usual meeting spot, and as all the members arrived we all caught up, discussed how we would get to the DJ class, and how excited we were for the DJ session. Since the DJ class was right on 34th street between 5th and Broadway, we all walked over together and talked about music and what we were most looking forward to – like learning how to scratch!

We quickly got over to the DJ class, where each member got to make up their own DJ name. Names like ‘DJ Cool’ and ‘DJ Sammy-Jamz’ were just a few. They each took turns working on dropping the beat on the one, learning how to fade songs from one to another, and being able to scratch on a certain beat by viewing the scree and visually being able see when to hit certain buttons. They all did such an amazing job! By the end of the DJ session, they were all playing around and dancing to music. The company gave each of them gift bags with hats and bandanas with the company ‘SET’ logo on them, which was so nice.

Afterwards we walked over to Bella Napoli, an amazing pizza place. The members actually led the group leader there, seeing they had been there before. Some members got pizza, other some pasta, and we all ate dinner while having some laughs, telling jokes, discussing the DJ session, and talking about upcoming weekend plans. It's is safe to say we all had a blast for Teenz night!

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