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S'mores please? Max Brenner: A Chocolate Lover's Dream Come True

This past weekend, the girls group had a sweet members’ choice session. Upon arrival to our meeting spot, the girls engaged in a group conversation and each member was encouraged to suggest an idea that they had in mind for the group to do during the day. The group then weighed out factors including the cost and timing required at each location, as well as the weather being a rainy and cold day. The girls ultimately voted on going to Max Brenner’s Chocolate in Union Square. The group used Moovit to research the most efficient travel route that they could take to the restaurant and determined that taking the 6 train downtown would be the quickest way to travel to Union Square. Upon arrival to the restaurant, the group facilitator appointed one of our newer group members to check in with the restaurant hostess. By allowing our members to take on this leadership role, they can increase their comfort level to communicate with members of the community while practicing their self-advocacy skills. When the group was seated, an important reminder and conversation on budgeting was had. The girls decided it would be best to each order their own lunch and split dessert for the table to share, in order to save money, yet still try some of sweet delicious chocolate that the restaurant is known for. As the group waited for their meals, the girls were each encouraged to take a few minutes to reflect upon the goals they want to work towards this semester and each completed an individual goal worksheet. The girls then each had an opportunity to share the goals they each hoped to work towards throughout the semester. We were impressed by our members' willingness and vulnerability to share and partake in this important conversation. When the check arrived, the girls were reminded how to utilize their tip calculator app in order to determine the bill. Please download this app if you have not done so already. After lunch, the girls headed back uptown to the Duane Reade on 28th Street for a scavenger hunt to work on their comfort level navigating a store, as well as their knowledge of the price of common household items. The girls were split into three small groups and were each given a list of 10 common household items to guess the price and locate in the store in order to determine the actual price. This was an important yet challenging exercise, one in which the girls worked together as a team and had a lot of fun! Overall, it was a delicious and educational outing and our members are all looking forward to sharing s’more fun times together this semester!

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