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Reaching for the Stars - Hayden Planetarium

This Sunday the Co-Ed Teenz group took a trip to the American Museum of Natural History to see the Dark Universe exhibit. To start off our trip, the group compared travel routes on Google Maps and the Moovit app to decide the most efficient way to get to the museum in time to see the 11:30am show. Some members had to practice flexibility when we realized our original route plan wouldn't work. Our group had to take two trains and the shuttle to get to the museum, so it was a great time for other members to practice staying with the group, demonstrating expected behavior on crowded trains, and engaging in friendly conversation on our commute. The group was so excited to file into our seats in the planetarium and learn about the dark matter that fills the galaxies in our universe. Once the film was over we got to eat the lunches we packed and some group members practiced managing their money to decide if they could purchase a treat from the cafeteria with their meal. After lunch, the group came together to pick which part of the museum we would visit before we left and had a great time looking around the Rose Center for Earth and Space and showing each other the gadgets in the gift shop. This was a great trip for problem solving around unexpected travel changes and learning about space with our group!

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