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Laughing Out Loud at Broadway Comedy Club

This past weekend, Teenz members engaged in an improv comedy workshop and had the opportunity to see a show after the workshop. We met at our usual meeting spot and determined that there were various travel options in which we could arrive at the comedy club via public transportation. The group decided that taking the least amount of train transfers made the most sense and opted for taking the uptown 6 train to 51st street and transferring to the downtown E train to arrive at our Hell's Kitchen destination. Group members were broken into two groups for traveling to ensure members were working on their travel training skills and continuing to become more independent.

Upon arrival to the comedy club, we got started with our improvisation workshop. Members were led onto the stage by one of the comedians in the show and engaged in improv games for the first 30 minutes we were there. Members had to act like various characters of their choosing and work on thinking on their feet (and quickly!). Many laughs were had by all the members and they learned that being a comedian isn't as easy as they thought.

After the workshop, we had a delicious lunch provided by the comedy club and geared up for the show. During lunch, group facilitators took a poll of members rooting for the Patriots vs. the Eagles for the big game in store for the evening and this led to a discussion about which sports teams members liked and/or if they didn't like sports at all. Most members were excited to eat Super Bowl food and spend time with family.

The comedy show started after our lunch and had four comedians participating. They had us laughing out loud from start to finish with some of our members stepping up and participating right in the show! We were so proud of their courage to get up on stage with an audience present. Group facilitators led the group in a discussion of the favorite parts of the day on the way back to our meeting location and members talked about wanting to see another comedy show in the future. We encountered a train issue due to track work and members exercised flexibility in traveling to Union Square, as the 6 trains weren't running locally. We then took the uptown 6 train from Union Square to arrive back to our meeting spot. Members used this as a teachable moment and group facilitators reminded members to always make sure to listen to the announcements on the train. We look forward to returning to the Broadway Comedy Club for more laughs and memories some day soon!

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