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A Star-Studded Sunday at Madame Tussaud's Wax Museum

This week, the members explored new territory, visiting Madame Tussauds Wax Museum. As per usual, the members met at Bread and Butter first. While waiting for other group members, the members engaged in friendly conversations about their week and related to each other’s experiences. Once everyone arrived, the members discussed the most efficient travel route via Google maps. Some of the members volunteered to be leaders to direct us to Madame Tussauds while other members volunteered to help assist them. When we approached the subway, most of the teens had their Metrocards readily available and used them properly. While traveling on the train, the members noticed which stations we were passing and reminded one another where to get off. Once we got off the train, the volunteer leaders led the group through the train station and exercised prosocial behavior by working as a team to locate the museum and noticing where they were while consulting what Google Maps had to say.

Once we arrived at Madame Tussauds Wax Museum, the group collaborated and exercised money management by discussing how much they had and how much they could spend. The team members collaborated and made sure that they had the right amount of money by counting out loud the group’s total cost for the museum tickets, while another group member kept track by writing down the amount that each member gave. Once the transactions were completed, the members excitedly headed into the museum. As the members went from room to room, they made sure that all were accounted for. They were consistently holding their phones, taking pictures of the wax figures and themselves with the figures. Oftentimes, the members said statements like, “Seeing these figures inspires me,” and “This is cool,” while moving through the museum. Time started to run short and we had to leave the wax museum. The members worked together and problem-solved to exit the museum. After we left, we went across the street to Pax and had lunch.

The members discussed their experiences, sharing what they learned and reflecting on what they thought was noteworthy. They said they had fun and wanted more time for exploration. After lunch, members started using their navigation tools on their cell phones to find out where they needed to go. They discovered that the direction to where they had to go was not as clear, so they practiced problem-solving techniques and asked a friendly bystander where the train station was. The members responded with a thank you.

We then headed to the train station, while the group members continued to navigate their way back to Bread and Butter. We noticed that there were no local trains going downtown, so we had to take the express train downtown to Union Square. From there, we took a local train back uptown to 28th Street. The ride to Bread and Butter taught members about the importance of flexibility and listening to changes while riding the train. When we arrived back, several members expressed to their parents how much fun they had and looked forward to going back again.

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