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Hex & Co. Board Game Fun

Our Co-Ed group made our first trip to the Hex & Co. Cafe on Manhattan's Upper West Side. It's Uptown's first board game cafe that has delicious snacks and drinks for people to enjoy while playing new and classic games. Our members used our various smartphone apps to determine that the uptown 6 train, Shuttle train and 1 train would be the wisest route to reach our destination. While on the subway, we learned that the 1 train was not stopping locally after 96th street and we had to take a free shuttle bus above ground. Members exhibited flexibility and group leaders reminded members of the importance of listening to subway announcements, as well as looking at signs posted on the platforms.

Upon our arrival to the cafe, some members opted to play Monopoly, while others selected Apples to Apples. The games helped members foster a sense of community and assisted them in getting to know each other even better. Members gauged their budgets and consulted with group facilitators in terms of what they should each order for their lunch. When we decided it was time to leave, the group left a bit of extra time to allow for any travel issues that might come up on the way home. We were better prepared for the shuttle bus and subway transfer this time and learned that we must be open to changes on weekends due to track work or other issues that arise. Even with the touch travel, we had a blast at Hex & Co. and look forward to returning this summer!

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