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Girls' Sunday Brunch

This Sunday we all met up at our meeting spot to see each other again for what we thought would be a great morning at Kellogg's. We discussed the route and agreed on walking because it was only 12 blocks and three avenues; we figured it would be good to get a brisk walk. As a group we discussed what walks benefit us in; some agreed they find it as a form of exercise, a way to clear their head or just a mode of transportation. We walked around the avenues and we made our way to Madison Square Park where we decided we could make across town cut through and enjoy some local art installations in the park. Walking to Madison Square Park allowed us to cut off traffic lights spanning from Manson Avenue to 5th avenue Broadway. We strolled down Broadway to the North of Union Square. Unfortunately, as we approached the door, some of the Kellogg's greeters and informed us they were closed for a private event. We had to come up with an option soon because we were all getting HANGRY! This was a good laugh. We opted to go to Big Daddy's Diner where we knew the food would be overindulgent, just what we wanted to make up for the lack of cereal! We were able to have a Sunday that we enjoyed brunch and we had a lot of good conversations. It was time to pay! We pulled out our tip calculators and factored in the total number of group members and accounted for what each member ordered to determine each member's total. With our extra time, we decided to go to Petco to see some really cute puppies, birds, rabbits, fish, seahorses, reptiles, and some tiny little rodents. We all talked about our dreams of getting pets in the future! We all walked back to our meeting spot looking forward to next weekend's Sunday outing.

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