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An Extraordinary Cooking Experience at Benihana

Our members had a great time this past weekend during our outing to Benihana. The group met at our usual meeting location in Gramercy and used the Moovit and Google Maps to determine the various travel routes they could take from our meeting location to the restaurant. The group decided taking the uptown 6 train from 28th Street to 59th street and transferring to the F or D train would be the most efficient route. When the group boarded the train, we encouraged the group to utilize the electronic train map and determine which stops they would pass before we reached 59th street. Upon arrival our stop, the group exited the train walked a few short blocks Northeast to reach Benihana.

Our members quickly made their way to the restaurant and settled at our table ready for a delicious meal and show from our awesome chef Ramon! Ramon talked to the group about his decision to become a chef and his passion for cooking. This conversation got our members thinking about potential jobs they might want to have when they got older. Over lunch, our members engaged in friendly reciprocal conversation while enjoying their delicious meals. On the way back to our meeting spot, the group discussed the various travel routes that they could take and ultimately decided to walk a few blocks to the 6 train at 59th street. Our outing to Benihana was such a great time and our members are already thinking about when we can dine there again!

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