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Escape The Room

The HS AM group had an exciting outing on Sunday to Escape the Room. The group chose to walk and used google maps to help them find their way. On the way, group members engaged in reciprocal conversation. When we arrived at Escape the Room, the employee gave us background information on what we were going to solve. He explained that we had an hour to gather clues, solve the mystery and get the correct code that would allow us to escape the room. The group members spent the next hour working together and trying to solve the mystery. While this mystery was extremely challenging, everyone stayed positive and did not give up. Group members did a wonderful job asking for help as well as problem solving together. There were times throughout the hour where it felt like we were not going to escape, however we continued to try our best and ended up escaping with less than a second left. All of the group members felt proud of our success. After working up an appetite, we went to have lunch at a nearby restaurant. While eating, the group did several ice breakers to get to know each other more. Everyone learned a lot about themselves as well as the other group members. We are so proud of our Teenz members for Escaping the Room!

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