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National Geographic Ocean Odyssey Exhibit

This past Sunday members met at our usual meeting location and eagerly figured out our directions to our exciting destination National Geographic Ocean Odyssey Exhibit in Times Square. We decided to take the uptown 6 to Times Square and transfer for the Shuttle train, right next to our destination. We walked two blocks north using our Google Maps app and reviewed the acronym (NESW, Never Eat, Shredded, Wheat).

While at the exhibit, we excitedly participated in a walking tour of the interactive underwater experience. We felt like we were actually under the water in places all around the world and we even had the chance to see it in 3D! Some of the highlights were traveling to the coast of Australia and also participating in training of sea lions. We got to venture in a kelp maze as well.

After our exhibit experience, we headed to PAX for lunch to debrief about our favorite parts and interests we had personally in sea life. Members dined on pizza, salads and some opted for desserts when it was in their budget. We look forward to telling others about our amazing experience at Ocean Odyssey.

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