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Teenz Night: Strikes, Spares & Smiles

This Friday for Teenz Night we went bowling at Bowlmor Lanes in Times Square! We met at our usual meeting spot and all the members caught up as we waited for everyone to arrive We discussed how we would get to Times Square, and luckily this was an easy commute for this transit savvy group.We used the 6 train to get to Grand Central and then transferred to the Shuttle to Times Square. Once there, the members led the way to the bowling alley.

At Bowlmor, we quickly and efficiently got our bowling shoes and were assigned a lane to start a game. We discussed who wanted bumpers, who would like to order food, and in what order they would bowl. Many of the members encouraged others who felt they were not very good at bowling, which allowed their positive sportsmanship to shine. We also made friends with the people bowling right next to us, keeping in mind boundaries, but still maintained friendly conversation. All members cheered each other on, and in the end congratulated our top bowler.

We had some extra time after we were done with the game, so after discussing our options, the members decided on playing some arcade games. They explored various games such as air hockey and video games, but kept in mind their budget, so we only played until we were out of tokens. We then recalled the Ben & Jerry’s we passed on the way to Bowlmor, and couldn’t pass up the chance for some delicious ice cream. Not all of the members wanted ice cream, but supported the rest of the group’s choice, so off to Ben & Jerry’s we went!

It was finally time to head back, and the independent travelers left the rest of us at the Times Square station to head home, while the leader and the remanding members went back to our meeting spot. The trains were running smoothly, and we got back in no time. The members expressed how much fun they had, and how they can’t wait to go bowling again with Teenz!

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