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A Karaoke Birthday Celebration

This Friday for Teenz Night we did karaoke at Chorus in Koreatown. We met at our usual meeting spot, did some catching up with one another, and raved about which songs we were going to sing. As for our commute to Chorus, we were able to walk over because our meeting spot is nearby. One of our members who researched the route asked to lead the way, and we were off!

At Chorus, we were quickly given a karaoke room, and the members browsed through the song catalogues while one of the leaders efficiently put the song codes into the system. We had quite the variety of genres and songs, ranging from Taylor Swift, to Brittany Spears, to Led Zepplin! It was truly amazing to see how the members each came alive while singing. The attentiveness and support they gave to one another through their empathetic listening was a sight to see. There was dancing, singing, and pure joy bringing the karaoke room to life. One of our members was celebrating a birthday, so before we left Chorus we made sure to collectively sing “Happy Birthday!”.

Afterwards, we walked over to Bella Napoli, an amazing pizza place. The members actually led me there, seeing they had been there before, I let them take the lead! Keeping in mind our budgets, and how much change they received after Karaoke, the members figured out what they would order. We ate pizza, had some laughs about karaoke, and conversed about our weekend plans.

It was finally time to head back, some members left straight from Bella Napoli, while others walked back to the meeting spot with the leaders. On our walk back, the members all expressed how much fun they had during Teenz Night, and how it is always so nice to have an outing to look forward to on Friday nights. Overall, Karaoke night was a great success!

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