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Kicking It At Kellogg's New Cereal Bar

Our co-ed group ventured to Union Square to try the new Kellogg's Cereal Bar. We met at our usual meeting spot and greeted a new member to the group with introductions. We then showed him how we figure out the directions by using google maps or Moovit. We decided to take the downtown 6 train two stops since it was quite cold and we found out destination was practically right outside the subway!

When we arrived, we were surprised to see cool furniture, tons of cereal and toppings and art with various Kellogg's cereal favorites. Most members opted to make their own favorite cereal choices, whereas one of our group leaders had a special cereal choice with bacon syrup! After eating, the group facilitators led the group in games such as Connect 4, conversation cards to get to know one another better and engage in conversation and also a few rounds of Uno. We even got to catch up with an old teacher who happened to be there! We had three Teenz alumni in attendance at session as well, who happened to be home from college or transition programs for spring break. It was informative for the younger members to hear about their transition to this next step in life and to ask questions they were wondering about.

The day was fantastic and members decided to walk back to our meeting spot to digest all the cereal. We decided we would definitely return back to Kellogg's over the summer and look forward to seeing everyone again next week!

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