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Creativity Corner: Jewelry Making

This past Sunday, our girls group met at our usual meeting spot in Gramercy and used the Google Maps Application to figure out the exact route that would lead us to our destination for our Jewelry making session. We were very impressed by our members sense of direction and understanding for our N,E,S,W acronym. Upon arrival, the girls engaged the group in a discussion about jewelry making and how jewelry has a special meaning to the person giving, receiving, creating, which also gives us an opportunity to creatively express ourselves. While the girls worked on their jewelry, they switched off playing dj and listened to various types of music. Making their own bracelets, was a very relaxing activity and reminded the girls the importance of paying attention to detail, while also using their patience to each create their own unique bracelets and necklaces. All of their hard work, had the girls build up an appetite for lunch and they all budgeted their funds, and headed to Panera Bread for a delicious meal.

It was a great session and the girls can’t wait to show off their new jewelry in school!

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