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Giving Back To The Community

Teenz members met at our usual meeting spot this past weekend, but with a different mission in mind today. Two times each year, Teenz In The City members give back to the community with a community service outing. This weekend, we set out to make care packages for the families at the Kensington Shelter in Brooklyn. Group leaders explained the plan to members and helped them brainstorm ideas based on what the shelter needed. Group leaders also led the group in a discussion of where the shelter is, what types of families it serves and how many are served each year. Members eagerly participated in this discussion and were excited about helping those in need.

With our lists in hand, we ventured to Jack's nearby to collect the items requested. Items needed were baby products and toiletries. Each member had $10 budgeted for their care package and had to use their money management skills to purchase items while keeping this in mind. We worked together to ensure we tackled important items like shampoo, toothpaste, baby lotion, baby wipes and much more! While we put together the care packages, we discussed the importance of giving back to our local community and how it's important to do so as much as we are able to. After putting together useful and thoughtful care packages, members had lunch and discussed the upcoming break and their plans. We enjoyed this opportunity ad look forward to when Teenz does our next community service outing!

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