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History of NYC Transit System: Transit Museum

This week, the members explored new and familiar territory, visiting New York City Transit Museum. As per usual, the members met at Bread and Butter first. While waiting for other group members, the members discussed the most efficient travel route via Google maps. Some of the members exercised prosocial behavior and volunteered to be leaders to direct us to the museum while other members volunteered to help assist. The leaders led the way to the most appropriate train station while using the aid of their electronic navigation tools. When we approached the subway, all of the teens had their metrocards readily available and used them properly. The museum was located in Brooklyn. Therefore, we got on the #4 train at the 28th street station, and went downtown to the Borough Hall station in Brooklyn with no train delays. While commuting, the members noticed which stations we were passing and kept track of the amount of stops it took to get to the museum. Once we got off the train, the members did not know where to go from there. However, they worked as a team and problem-solved to find the museum. By doing this, they approached MTA workers and asked about the museum location while consulting Google Maps.

While at museum, the members never looked at their cell phones. Instead, they socialized with each other, exploring the exhibits, like sitting on the different subways cars to trying out the old turnstiles, while making sure all were accounted for. At the end of our time at the New York City Transit Museum, we went into their gift shop, noticed the various items and all were given complimentary subway maps. After we left the museum, most of the members said they remembered how to get back to the train station and we backtracked that route. On our way toward the station, we noticed the nearest outside food court and ate the lunches we brought from home. We engaged in reciprocal friendly conversation about our experiences, the members sharing what they learned and reflecting on what they thought was interesting. After lunch, members proceeded towards the train station and practiced communication skills by discussing who was going home and who was coming back to Bread and Butter, while some of the members occupied themselves by looking at the subways maps they received. We arrived back at Bread and Butter with no train complications or delays, and the members who were left continued to practice prosocial behavior.

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