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Chinatown Adventure

This week we went to Joe’s Ginger Restaurant. We met at our usual spot at Bread and Butter. During that time, the members exercised leadership abilities and voluntarily let me know where the restaurant was and how to get there, and then we ventured out. Our destination was located on Pell Street in Chinatown so the members led us there by taking the #4 train downtown to Canal Street. Once we got to Canal Street, the members used their navigation devices on their phones and each other to help aid them in finding the restaurant. Along the way, some of the members explored the stores and restaurants that seemed interesting to them.

When we approached the restaurant, the members socialized and engaged in friendly conversations about each other’s interests. Each member was focused and interested in what the other was saying. At times, the members were passionate about their topics of discussion and displayed excitement, and some members exercised assertiveness by friendly reminding everyone that we were in a restaurant and that we should use quieter voices. As a result, the members showed appreciation, respected the help, and lowered their voices while dining and socializing.

Once we left the restaurant, we had some time left so the members decided, as a group, to look around Chinatown and explored with one another. Some of the members bought some items while saying they had a good time talking to one another on our way back to the train station. Some members left straight from Chinatown, taking separate trains, while others walked back to the meeting spot with the leader. Overall, it they had a great time as teenz in the city.

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