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Girls Just Wanna Paint!

Our girls group had an awesome session this past weekend to Painted Pot in Cobble Hill Brooklyn. The group met at our usual meeting spot in Gramercy and used Google in order to get the address and directions. The girls then used the Moovit app in order to determine the most efficient route. The group decided that we would be taking the 4 train down to Brooklyn and then walking about 10 minutes to reach our destination. While on the train, the group leader pointed out the importance of paying attention to the electronic subway map, in order to keep track of where they were on their train ride and how many more stops we had. Upon arrival to Brooklyn, members were then encouraged to use the walking directions feature on the app in order to guide them to Painted Pot. While at Painted Pot the girls each selected a different price of ceramics to paint all while keeping their individual budgets in mind. While they diligently created their masterpieces, the girls engaged in friendly reciprocal conversation as they continued to get to know each other better. We were really impressed by each girls creativity and dedication to their project. The girls had a blast and are all looking forward to future art sessions with Teenz In The City!

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