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Teenz Night: Dave & Buster's

This week was teen’s night and it was member’s choice. We all met at Bread and Butter first. While waiting for other group members to arrive, the teens engaged in reciprocal conversations about where to go for their outing. Once everyone arrived, the votes were not unanimous. As a result, some of the teens were able to practice flexibility and decided to go with the majority decision, to Dave and Buster's in Times Square. The members discussed the most efficient travel route via Google maps. Since there was a small group, everyone participated as leaders, and took turns guiding the group to the nearest subway. When we approached the subway, the 6 train, most of the teens had their Metro cards readily available and used them properly. While traveling on the train, the members engaged in friendly conversations about their week and what games they were looking forward to playing.

While at Dave and Buster’s, the members practiced their budgeting skills by keeping in mind how much they could afford, and figured out which game card option best suited their budget. They played games, explored prize options in the store, and practiced time management. Afterwards, the members went across the street to the Pax restaurant and talked about their favorite games. When we traveled back, the members ate ice cream from Coldstone Creamery and took turns again leading one another from the Shuttle at the Times Square train station to the Grand Central Station, to taking the 6 train to 28th street. While traveling, the members expressed their excitement about their outing and look forward to doing it again.

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