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Give My Regards to Broadway at Ellen's Stardust!

The lights were still shining on Broadway in the city that never sleeps-where brunch is a thing! We geared up to head to BROADWAY as we had very vocal plans ahead. We gathered at the meeting spot where we discussed the route. Google maps helped us to see the changes on the subways. We also used the outside newly installed hubs to assess the subways that were impacted by the weekend traffic. It explains the delays or service or even, dare I say it, efficient running lines. We decided to take the NRW, which we walked south west towards. We hopped on that train to dine and sing at Ellen's Stardust diner. There were multiple performances that were all the tunes of Broadway. We talked about fears that we all have gotten over, and ways in which we can be resilient in the face of adversity. We were able to finish early enough and head to M&M world where we sampled and purchased some winning flavors.

On the way back to Bread & Butter we ran into some subway changes in the downtown direction. We assessed that we could take the nearby S train. This allowed us to head from west to east and then hop on the six train downtown which would've been the best subway to take that would lead us closest to our original meeting spot. It was a great closing to a delicious brunch served with a side of show tunes!

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