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Teenz Night: Scavenger Hunt

This past Friday's Teenz Night was a scavenger hunt. We met at our usual meeting spot to kick off our weekend. As everyone was gathering, the members were given a list of questions to answer before and during the scavenger hunt activity. They discussed and strategized the most efficient way to be successful to complete the hunt. The members were assigned roles, like leader, writer, photographer, and Internet researcher. Upon being given the roles, the members confidently and eagerly accepted and played their positions immediately. One of the questions on the scavenger hunt list was to figure out where the scavenger hunt was located, so they collaborated and used the tools that they learned to discover the location, like navigation tools, internet research and asking one another. They discovered that we were going to the Manhattan Mall on 34th street in Herald Square to do our scavenger hunt. As a result, the chosen leader led the team by walking to Herald Square, and made sure that his team was together and accounted for as they moved through the busy streets of New York City.

Once we got to the mall, the members decided to switch roles so all the members had the chance to play different positions. As the members took on their roles, some acknowledged self-awareness, expressing challenges in patience, asserting oneself, leading, and following. Some members also noticed their new-found strengths, like enjoying a leadership role, being a team player, trusting their teammates, and having the ability to assert and communicate effectively. Once we left the mall, the chosen leader led us to Chipotle a couple blocks away. While there, the members continued to practice their budgeting skills and paid close attention to what they could afford. Once we started eating, we sat together and the members reflected on their experiences, sharing what they learned. Overall, it was another great adventure with Teenz In The City!

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