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Members' Choice: Museum of Math & Madison Square Eats

The members met at our usual time and location for Member’s Choice this week. As the members gathered, they brainstormed places they were interested in going to and experiencing. After talking through some ideas, they decided to go to the National Museum of Mathematics on 26th Street between 5th and Madison Avenues. To find the most efficient travel route, the members looked up the location via the Internet and surprisingly learned it was only an 8-minute walk away. We ventured off to our destination and everyone led the group together. The members noticed and acknowledged the streets they were walking on and the approaching cross streets. They also named directions of the city they were walking towards, like North, South, etc. We ran into street barricades that caused us to have to detour from the navigation tool’s original directions. As a result, they problem-solved and decided to ask a local police officer for alternate routes to the museum.

Once we got to the museum, we searched through the many exhibits and galleries that sparked curiosity and revealed things about math they had never seen before. After the museum visit, we searched our navigation tools and went to Madison Square Eats within Madison Square Park. The members assessed their budgets wisely to see how much money they could spend for lunch. While eating our lunch, the members engaged in friendly conversation with one another by inquiring about their interests and what they learned. After we finished eating, the members remembered their route back and returned back to our meeting place. We are looking forward to another fun outing with Teenz In The City next week!

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