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Brooklyn Charm-ing

Another charming Sunday for the girls group as we made our way across the water. We all met at our usual meeting spot where we met new members and discussed the multiple routes we could take to Brooklyn Charm. We identified the 6 train, by using waze and comparing to google maps - as we walked south to the subway, we read the monitor. The monitor displayed the 11 minute wait. We discussed how we could use the nice day out, and walk to union square instead of wait. We made a group decision and strolled down Park Avenue South to the 14th street and we made our way down to the L train. We arrived in sunny Brooklyn, and strolled to the charm store. As we discussed our personal budgets and deciphered between the different options of earrings, necklaces, and bracelets. We devised our plans and dug into the multitude of options of stones, charms, beads and feathers. As we pulled our jewelry together, we discussed with timing and cravings of what food would be best. We of course, landed on pizza. A real Brooklyn slice....delicious! We discussed the way we would take back, and the water taxi was an option, time permitting. Unfortunately the pizza had us stuck indulging, so we took the train back. It was less of a walk, and this time around took the NRW uptown. We used our maps app to find our way back to our meeting spot using walking directions. Until next week, Teenz!

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