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Memorial Day American Classic: Johnny Rockets

The members met at our usual meeting spot early and were eager to begin our outing for Johnny Rockets. Before we left, the members highlighted the numerous Johnny Rockets that they found on their internet search results in New York City and took the time to research the most efficient route to the nearest one. Once we identified the nearest location, a decision had to be made whether to walk or take the train because it was fairly close. There was a split decision and, to settle it, a member from each side played the game Rock-Paper-Scissors and the side that decided to walk, won. We walked to the Johnny Rocket near Penn station on 34th Street between 7th and 8th Avenues.

While walking in the rain, members volunteered to lead the group to our destination. They utilized their teamwork abilities and shared leadership responsibilities by volunteering to vocalize the directions to the members, seek the aid of the navigation tool on their phone, and rely on their memory. All the while, holding umbrellas up to help shelter our fellow members. Once we made it Johnny Rockets, the members practiced their disciplined budgeting techniques. They counted the money they came with and paid close attention to what they were spending by asking how much their food costs were, and how much they would receive back.

As a contribution to Memorial Day, we played a memorial trivia game while we were eating and divided the members into teams. Once the questions were asked, the members consulted their team members and excitedly answered out loud. To continue the Memorial Day celebration, we walked to Baskin Robbins to get some ice cream and reflected on our day. After ice cream, some of the members had to leave early, but the remaining members walked through Penn Station and visited the nearby stores. Another great day celebrating Teenz In The City on Memorial Day weekend!

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