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Brooklyn Bridge & the Famous Grimaldi's Pizza

Today’s plan in Teenz In The City was to go to Brooklyn and visit Grimaldi’s Pizza. But first, we met at our usual spot, and the members looked up the most efficient travel route. They discovered that the navigation tool showed several routes to Grimaldi Pizza. They discussed the different routes provided, and one of the options was to take the #6 train to the Brooklyn Bridge-City Hall Station and walk across the bridge. The other option was to take the train directly to the restaurant, having only to walk once they arrived in Brooklyn. The members pondered those choices, took a vote, and the majority ruled to take the train to the bridge and walk across the bridge. Then we were on our way. When we approached the #6 train, most of the teens practiced time-management by having their Metrocards readily available and used them correctly. Other members had to use the machine to get MetroCards and also used the machine correctly with very little guidance. While traveling on the train, the members were observant of the stops they passed in addition to reminding one another of where to get off.

The members had the opportunity to practice flexibility because the stop they thought they had to get off at was incorrect, and they mistakenly took the train across the bridge instead. As a result, members opened their navigation tools and helped one another walk through the Brooklyn streets to the restaurant. We finally made it to the restaurant and the members used their excellent budgeting skills by counting what they had and asked about food costs. While there, we engaged in friendly conversation with the aid of conversation cards and got to know each other better. Once we left the restaurant, we took the train back and reflected by discussing highs and lows of our day. Another awesome day having fun with the Teenz In the City!

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