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Teenz Night: Mini-Golf

Teenz In The City night was miniature golf night! We gathered at the meeting spot where we discussed the most efficient travel route. All assembled presented their travel routes to each other. Members exercised their leadership abilities and volunteered to help guide the team to Pier 25 and the miniature golf course. They decided to take the #6 train downtown to Canal Street. From there, the members elected to walk to the pier because of the beautiful weather. As we were walking, the members had friendly and silly conversations with one another.

Once we made it to Pier 25, the members were excited and immediately rushed to pay for their items to play. Most of the members have played before and those members assisted and taught other members who had never played. As our outing came to an end, everyone remembered their travel route back and did not need to seek their navigation tools. Although time ran out to eat our dinner out, the members exercised flexibility and were willing to wait to get back to our starting locations to eat together. When we arrived, the members continued to apply their budgeting skills and bought the most affordable meals and left with full bellies and happy faces. Overall, another fun and successful time on Teenz night!

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