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End of Semester Picnic

Today’s Teenz In The City was a picnic in Central Park. But first we had to find where it was from our meeting spot. Therefore the members looked on their navigation tools and compared routes. After careful examination, the members decided to take the #6 train to 59th and Lexington Station. Some members recalled previous experience and were led by their memory, while others consulted their navigation tools on their phones. We walked down 59th street and discovered Central Park. The members excitedly headed into the park and took out their blankets and sack of lunches and had reciprocal conversations about their semester with Teenz in The City while eating their lunches.

Most of the members shared that they felt more confident traveling through the city on their own, while others said they felt more comfortable talking to strangers. The members continued to enjoy the beautiful weather within the beautiful park and played Frisbee while others played Uno games and Connect Four. Unfortunately the time was coming to an end but fortunately it was ice cream time, so we exited the park and found a Mr. Softee Ice Cream truck. The members ate ice cream and walked back to the train station laughing and reflecting on our day. Some members continued to walk with the group to our initial meeting spot, while others independently traveled to their own destination. Another great outing having fun in the sun, on our last outing for the semester of Teenz in the City.

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