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Teenz Night: Karaoke Party

Teenz night was Karaoke night! We gathered at the meeting spot where we discussed the most efficient travel route. All assembled presented their travel routes to the group leader and each other. Members exercised their leadership abilities and volunteered to help guide the team to Karaoke Duet 53. They decided to take the #6 train uptown to Grand Central. Then they transferred to the E train to 50th street.While on the crowded train, the group leader reminded the members the importance of maintaining appropriate personal space and using an appropriate volume to converse while traveling. Once we got off the train, the members walked eagerly to our anticipated exciting destination having reciprocal conversations about the song they wanted to sing.

As we entered in the building, the members exercised their awesome budgeting skills by counting and sorting their cash and provided it to the attendant while keeping track of how much they should receive back. Once everything was paid for, the members moved with smiling faces to our designated singing room. The members took turns assisting by selecting songs, singing, and encouraging one another. For dinner, we went to Bella Napoli five minutes away. As our outing came to an end, everyone remembered their travel route back and did not need to seek their navigation tools. Instead they reflected on their day. Another songful night with the Teenz In The City.

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