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First Teenz Night of the Summer

t’s a Wednesday night, and the beginning of summer but yet the Teenz In The City were at it again. This time playing arcade games at the Chinatown Fair Family Fun. But first, we met at our usual meeting spot. The members practiced awesome time management and arrived early. And on this occasion we were specially greeted with a new member and the other members introduced themselves and immediately made the new member feel welcomed by looking him in the eye and shaking hands and saying their names. Upon everyone’s arrival, the older members shared with the new member what the routine is when participating in our activities. Next, the teens took out their phones, used their navigation devices and researched the address from hearing the name. All the members found the location and we started our journey.

The members discovered that they needed to take the #6 train downtown to Canal Street. All the members had their metrocards out when approaching the turnstiles. The train arrived after a while, but the train was very crowded. The members had to make a quick decision to try to fit in the car or just wait. Unanimously they decided to exercise their skill of flexibility and waited for the next train. While on the train, the teens were aware of their voices and personal space with one another and had friendly reciprocal conversations about their interests and plans for the summer. When we reached Canal Street, the members revisited their navigation tools to locate where to go. Some of the members seemed a little confused about where the navigation apps were telling them to go, so they utilized their problem-solving skills and asked a trusted authority figure, a police office, to help aid them.

We finally arrived at our destination. The members made excellent budgeting decisions in deciding how much they were going to spend to play video games and to eat ice cream afterwards. They appeared happy with their budgeting decisions and played games with each other and the group facilitator. As promised, the member traveled right next door for some ice cream at 10 below. They sampled and purchased some winning ice cream flavors and gathered to reflect on their day. Afterwards, our time was coming to an end so some of the independent members went to separate locations while other members returned back to our meeting location. Wow! Another awesome night with the Teenz In The City!

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