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Summer Program: Week One

Teenz In The City summer session kicked off with a great first week!

The group focused on our theme of the week, friendship and conversation skills. We did several get to know you ice breakers and discussed what skills the group members need to know in order to have reciprocal and successful conversations. Due to construction at the 28th street subway station, the group had to figure out alternate routes to get to their outings each day.

On Monday, the group met at our usual meeting spot and kicked off the day with a goal-setting exercise fo the summer. We set up to three goals to work on this summer at the Teenz summer program and discussed these goals with the group facilitator. We will then check in on our goals throughout the summer to see hw well we are progressing. We played a getting to know you game of Jenga, where each piece represented a different color and question we had to ask. The group loved this game and it helped increase the familiarity with one another. We ventured to Madison Square Park for lunch at Shake Shack, exploring at the LEGO store and then made our way to Cool Mess where we could make our own ice cream treats to share.

On Tuesday, the group went to Dave and Busters, where they enjoyed a delicious lunch and a fun-filled afternoon of playing games. Group members participated in more get to know you activities and enjoyed socializing with each other. They also cheered each other on and had a

wonderful day!

On Wednesday, the group went to the Yankees vs Orioles game, where we learned that a little rain won’t stop us from cheering on the Yanks. During the hour rain delay, group members had to deal with a change in plans and were able to still have fun singing and dancing in the rain. While the Yankees lost, the group had a win! Everyone had a fun day and showed that they were able to overcome unpredictable situations.

Thursday was member’s choice and the group decided to go on a Times Square Adventure. After much discussion, compromise and flexibility among group members, the group decided to go to Midtown Comics, where they explored their love for comics. The group then went to lunch at Red Lobster, where they learned how to budget their money while enjoying a nice seafood lunch. After lunch, the group explored the Hershey’s store and the Disney store and enjoyed checking out these stores.

Finally, on Friday, we made our way to the new Spyscape museum experience on the west side of Manhattan. We had the opportunity to find out what type of spy we would be and learn about the history of spies in the U.S. and abroad. Members engaged in friendly competition with the laser challenge. For lunch, we decided to be mindful of our budgets and headed to Subway. We had a blast our first week and look forward to even more fun during week two!

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