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Summer Program: Week Two

Teenz In The City had an awesome second session filled with fun and friendships! The group focused on our theme of the week, time management. Due to construction at the 28th Street subway station, the group had to figure out alternate routes to get to their outings each day all while keeping in mind the timing of each day.

On Monday, the group went to Hex & Co., a hidden gem and awesome board game cafe located on the Upper West Side. Our members enjoyed a a fun-filled morning of board games while engaging with each other in reciprocal friendly conversation. Each member was able to select a game of their choice including a game called Train and the classic detective game Clue. Members' favorite was the classic detective game, Clue. We were impressed by their problem solving skills to solve the mystery of: who done it, with what, and where?

On Tuesday, members were excited to venture to Lucky Strike bowling. We used our travel skills to navigate across town on the M42 bus. Upon our arrival, we found out we had to wait shortly for a lane so we had a delicious lunch and played heads up. Members were mindful of their budgets when ordering and discussed their food choices with the group facilitator. We had a new member in attendance and this gave us a chance to get to know him. We played one game of bowling and members engaged in friendly competition. Cheering each other on, members were all smiles during this session!

On Wednesday, Teenz and the city went to lunch at Black tap burger, where the burgers and milkshakes were endless! The group did a wonderful job budgeting their money and enjoyed their delicious lunch. While we waited for lunch, the group learned a new card game and discussed the importance of trying new things. After lunch, the group went on a fun scavenger hunt at the Manhattan Mall, where they had to work together to solve clues. The group worked well together and was able to complete the scavenger in record time. They needed some encouragement to ask for help when they were stuck on a clue, but eventually were able to do that on their own. Group members took some great photos during the scavenger hunt and shared many laughs.

On Thursday, the group traveled from the city to Coney Island in in Brooklyn on another hot day of the summer. During the train ride, the members caught up with each other on their summer plans. When we got to the park, the members were excited and yelled out their activities of choice from roller coasters to video games. At the end of our outing, the members patiently waited in several long lines to get the famous Nathan’s for lunch. On our way back to the city, the members reflected on their day and looked forward to another day on our teenz week!

We set out for a pizza tour of four pizzerias in lower Manhattan this Friday. The group navigated around the closed 28th street station and planned our route between the four spots: Champion Pizza, Lombardi's Pizza, Proto's Pizza, and Pie by the Pound. At each pizza place we enjoyed rating our slices on taste, crust, crunchiness, and overall score and having conversations about our summers. We ended our tour at Pie by the Pound where we took turns playing Battleship and enjoying some chocolate chip cookies. Everyone in the group agreed on Champion Pizza as their favorite!

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