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Summer Program: Week Three

Teenz In The City kicked off session 3 with an adventure to The Upper East Side to Steep Rock Bouldering. Our members used Google maps to determine the best travel route of the day and decided on taking the 6 train uptown to 96th Street. Upon arrival to 96th street members were reminded about how to find odd and even numbers on the different sides of the street in order to locate Steep Rock Boulders. Our members cheered each other on and challenged each other to race up the wall timing each other along the way. It was an awesome day and we certainly didn’t let the rain ruin our fun rock climbing!

On Tuesday, members had the chance to check out the East Village on our food tour. We navigated directions to each location using our smart phones and teamwork! We tri

ed the famous pierogis at Veselka and enjoyed hot dogs at Crif Dogs. Members were able to choose dessert at Squish marshmallows, Davey's Ice Cream or the famous Momofuku Milk Bar! We had a great day learning new things about the East Village.

Our group took a trip to the Prospect Park Zoo on Wednesday. Half of our group navigated the long trip to Brooklyn with a great opportunity to practice transferring trains. We spent the afternoon gathering facts about the animals and finding ways to keep cool and hydrated on a very hot summer day. We enjoyed a long lunch in the zoo talking about foods we liked to eat and many of us ended the day with a well-deserved ice cream.

On Thursday, the group went to The American Museum of Natural History. Here our members enjoyed a day of exhibits filled with senses, animals, people. and much more. While exploring, the members engaged in reciprocal friendly conversation about the exhibits. Each member assisted one another on multiple tasks like, budgeting, time management, and navigating through the museum. Towards the end of our time, sat together and ate lunch and talked about what they learned and looked forward to the next day of Teenz In the City.

On Friday Teenz in the City visited the National Geographic’s Ocean Odyssey Exhibit in Times Square. Before heading out the group discussed what we could expect to see in the exhibit and why an ocean simulation could be more friendly to our oceans and the animals that live in them. After an exciting and educational trip through the exhibit, we enjoyed lunch at Pax Wholesome Foods. With a bit more time left in our day, we decided to walk around the Disney store before heading back to Bread and Butter.

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