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Summer Program: Week Four

On Monday, Teenz ventured to the newest Candy exhibit in town, Candytopia! We had such a blast checking out the candy art installations and taking amazing pictures together. It was so much fun that we have already started planning our trip back for fall Teenz.

On Tuesday Teenz in the City went to Chelsea Piers to play laser tag. Our newer members practiced their navigation skills for the bus ride and after two exciting games of laser tag the group discussed money management and making smart meal choices over lunch. Everyone agreed that playing laser tag is a great group activity and is looking forward to the next trip to Chelsea Piers for bowling, rock climbing, or more laser tag.

Teenz in the City participated in a movie tour of Central Park on Wednesday afternoon. After arriving early, the group voted to spend our extra time in the nearby Apple store, where we talked about the new tech and tested the drawing apps on the newest iPads. During our two-mile long tour, members got to show off their knowledge of movies and places in and around Central Park while also learning new information about the city we live in and the movies that are filmed here.

On Thursday, we voted to go to Big Daddy's Diner and Karaoke. We had members who were old friends enjoying their time to catch up with one another. We used our google maps app to navigate our walking directions. Both destinations were in walking distance of our meeting spot. At karaoke, we sang so many great songs and cheered each other on!

On Friday, the group traveled up to Columbus Circle for a scavenger hunt, which required them to get creative in answering some of the questions. Working together, they divided and conquered! The first question led them to the center of the circle to identify the statue (Christopher Columbus), which kicked off the hunt. Once inside the Shops at Columbus Circle Mall the group used the map to find certain stores. One of the questions had the group find out the price of a gallon of organic milk at Whole Foods. Before finding out the answer they all took a guess, which ranged from $2-$14! The actual price was over $6.

Once the scavenger hunt was finished, we walked to Schnippers for lunch and to recap the day.

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