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Kicking Off The Fall Semester: Scavenger Hunt

This past Sunday marked the first Sunday of our fall semester! We had a few new members in attendance and our returning members were excited to welcome them to the program. We had an engaging scavenger hunt in Grand Central station and used our problem solving skills and teamwork to get many of the questions completed. Our group leaders allowed members to talk through each of the questions and come up with the answers on their own (with a little help from our friend- GOOGLE!). While in Grand Central, we also stopped for a lunch break at one of our favorite spots, Shake Shack! We shared a bit about our summer experiences and shared if each member attended camp or did anything else fun. Members also talked about their first week of school. Group leaders encouraged members to remember to listen when others are speaking and talked about how to show interest appropriately when others are sharing.

We are looking forward to a wonderful semester ahead of fun, friendship and growth!

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