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Teenz Night: Karaoke

Teenz In The City kicked off their first Teenz night of the fall semester, Karaoke night! Teenz arrived at Bread and Butter and were looking forward to a great night. They discussed the best travel route to dinner and Karaoke. Since Bella Napoli is close to Bread and Butter, the group chose to walk. They used google maps to enter the address and their knowledge of N, E, S and W. When the group arrived at the restaurant, each group member was encouraged to take out their wallets and see how much money they had in order to budget their money. The group estimated how much karaoke would cost and kept in mind how much money they had left for dinner. While eating, the group engaged in several get to know you ice breakers, since there were a few new members. We discussed our favorite parts of the summer and what we are looking forward to this year.

After dinner, the group used google maps again to help direct us to Chorus Karaoke. Once we arrived, we got a private room and the fun began! Group members had the opportunity to choose songs and sing solos, duets, or even group sing alongs. While some members were shy at first, once we started singing, everyone joined in. The group sang a variety of songs, from Queen to Journey to Imagine Dragons and Bruno Mars. After we finished Karaoke and paid the bill, we ended the night with some delicious ice cream at Baskin Robbins. The group remembered how to get back to Bread and Butter and did not even need to use google maps on our walk home. Everyone had a wonderful time at Teenz night and we can’t wait for all of the upcoming fun Teenz nights in the fall!

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