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Dancing Queens

Today the girls from Teenz In the City, had the opportunity to be “dancing queens“ at a dance studio. But first, the girls had to meet at our usual meeting spot. While waiting for other group members to arrive, they engaged in friendly reciprocal conversations about their weeks and dancing experience. The girls learned that they have dancing experience in common. Once everyone arrived, the members discussed the most efficient travel route via Google maps. Since there was a small group, everyone participated as leaders, and took turns guiding the group. at the same time having the opportunity to get to learn one another by asking each other their interests. When we approached the subway, the members had their metro cards readily available and used them properly. While traveling on the train, the members exercised flexibility when their navigation tool was not clear. Therefore, the members worked as a team and problem solved while encouraging one another to continue to their destination. Once they arrived at the dance studio, “The Dancing Queens” also arrived with a glowing sense of pride. The girls laughed, joked and and strutted their dance moves to the top 40 hits. Once we left the studio, the members remembered their route back and continued to have reciprocal conversations about their day. Overall, another awesome day with The Teenz In the City.

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