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Dave & Buster's

This Sunday for Teenz Co-Ed group we went to Dave & Busters, a real fan favorite! We met at our usual meeting spot, asked one another how our weeks have gone, and discussed our route to D&B! There were a few options, but after some careful researching and consideration, the members agreed that walking to the N/R at 28th and taking it uptown would be the most efficient route.

Upon arrival, we discussed our budgets, keeping in mind our game cards at Dave and Busters, but also our lunch at Pax afterwards. The members then went straight to the recharge station to load up their cards so they can begin playing games! They played games independently, but also in pairs, enjoying some positive sportsmanship! One of our members beat the high score on the basketball game! The support they gave to one another during certain games was admirable. When we were all out of money on our cards for games, to the prize center we went! The members aided each other in picking prizes within their ticket budgets, and marveled at what each other picked out.

Afterwards we walked over to Pax across the street, which is a one stop spot for everything lunch! Keeping in mind our budgets, and how much they had left after Dave and Busters, the members figured out what they would order. We ate, chatted about the games we played, and had some laughs.

We had some extra time before heading back, so we decided to stroll over to the big red stairs in time square for a group photo! While there, surrounded by all of the colors, buildings, and people, we began playing “I Spy!” It was such a fun and interactive way to end the session on a beautiful fall Sunday afternoon!

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