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Chelsea Market & Highline

This Sunday, the Teenz Co-ed group went to explore Chelsea Market and the High Line on the West side of Manhattan. We met at our usual place where all the teenz greeted each other and spoke about their activities throughout the week. After that, we discussed our route to Chelsea Market. We had a few options but after careful research on Google Maps, the members agreed that we would take the number 6 train downtown to 14 Union Square. Then we would transfer to the M14D bus that would drop us off on West 14 and 9th Avenue. Upon arrival the Co-ed group separated into smaller groups to explore different parts of Chelsea Market. While walking in Chelsea Market, we stopped in different stores, food shops, and took pictures. We discussed the teens budgets because they would have to plan accordingly, so they would be able to buy something and buy some food. Both groups then got back together to have some lunch. Our next stop was the High Line. We walked from West 14th to West 23rd. While walking across the Highline the teenz appreciated the beauty of the scenery. We also spoke about the history of the Highline and how it used to be a railroad track, which is incorporated into the base floor of the Highline. We saw different style buildings, murals, different artwork, and the skyline. After the Highline, we went on the M23 Select Bus to Park Avenue and East 23rd street. We walked North back to our usual meeting spot. It was a beautiful day with lots of fun and exploration.

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