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Museum of Pizza!

This Sunday, the teenz co-ed group went to the Pizza museum. We met at our usual place where all the teenz were happy to see each other and discussed their activities throughout their busy week. After that we discussed our possible routes to Williamsburg. We had a few options but after carefully reviewing our Google Maps, the members agreed that we would take the number 6 train uptown to 51st, transfer to the E train to Court Square and then take the G train to Nassau Avenue and lastly walk to Wythe Ave. When we got to the Pizza Museum, all the members were very excited to get inside. In the Museum, members had a chance to try pineapple bacon pizza donut bites, watch the history of how pizza came to America, appreciate art that was influenced by pizza, go into a dark room and interact with neon pizza boxes, interact with a paper mache pizza art display, lay on pepperoni beanbag chairs, and at the end enjoy a slice of free pizza. On our way back, we spoke about our favorite part at the Pizza Museum, what other places we could go see, and about upcoming events. It was a beautiful day with lots of fun for both groups.

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