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Teenz Night: DJ Demo Workshop

This past Friday we met at Bread & Butter where we socialized among ourselves and shared how excited we were about learning how to DJ. We then discussed directions on google maps by typing in the name of the location which was “Set Events”. We then discussed the best way to get there and decided as a group that it would make the most sense to walk there. We walked towards Park Avenue South, made a right onto 5th avenue and then made a left onto West 34th Street. Once we arrived, we learned how to blend cool songs together to make them sound like only one long song was playing. We also learned how to scratch. Once we all took turns blending and scratching, we each got to pick a DJ name. After this fun activity, we were given free goodie bags filled with a hat, some pens and some stickers. Because it was still early, we decided to stop by a local restaurant to enjoy a bite to eat. There, we socialized some more. while discussing our favorite part of the night with one another before heading back to Bread & Butter.

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